Before the interweave

Salon Ruckes



Wolfgang Mally 1979

The roots interweave my thoughts

Wheat, water, thoughts

Lab Wevelinghoven 1979

Photograph 59,5 x 238 cm

Wolfgang Mally 1979

Nature´s messages for human receptors

Extract from 40 resonance relations between M and nature
40 syringes on multiplex board
Wevelinghoven 1978-79

Performance Salon Ruckes Düsseldorf

Wolfgang Mally 1979

Sensitisation trial

Trial: 1month, daily 30 minutes

Copper conductor, gas burner, freezing unit, earth.

500 x 300 cm


Wolfgang Mally 1980


Seabed, copper wire, thundery atmosphere, silk kite, M

Can Parra 1980

Space Installation: Anchor, copper wire, photograph, lightning arrester

Wolfgang Mally 1980

Has seen everything 672

Earth, water, torch, bladders, rope, wood stake, fire, straw, carrier pigeon-672

Performance Kassel

Wolfgang Mally 1982

Growing relationships

Freight elevator, Steel cables, Earth, Runner beans. Synchronisation process

3000 x 220 x 220 cm

Kadruf 7, Kassel

Wolfgang Mally 1982

Sleeping on a conductor

Waterhole, fireplace, copper, M

Action: Can Parra 1981

Photograph on multiplex board

87 x 118 cm

Wolfgang Mally 1981

Osmosis box

Box  for receiving elementary experiences. Filmset for Single 8 Film: EWFL

Wood, glass, membranes, hoses, valves, sealing gaskets. 250 x 75 x ∞

Lab Wevelinghoven

Wolfgang Mally 1980

Responses and questions to birdcalls

Birdcalls, poppies, Polaroid photograph, psychiatric clinic, barometer, showcase.

Littenheid 1980

210 x 18,5 cm

Wolfgang Mally 1980

EWFL 24 hours

Trans-all locating

Telephone performance

Stephan Koller – Düsseldorf

Wolfgang Mally – New York

Times square process documentation:  Doris Wiederhold

Stephan Koller-Wolfgang Mally 1980

Corriente in Process

During aerial filming

Silk Kite, Kiteline, Single 8 Camera, Torre des Cap, the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place.

Wolfgang Mally 1979


Kiteline, Singel 8 Film with aerial views of the orbital process

Wolfgang Mally 1979