Animated mutation

Lab Wevelinghoven

Wolfgang Mally 1974

Stratification 2


43 x 60 x 9 cm

Open to the public, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf 1975

Wolfgang Mally 1975

Stratification 3

Leaf lamination multiplied photographically on wood cubes. Heating system, Fossil stratification energy

360 x 210 cm x ∞

Open to the public , Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

Wolfgang Mally 1975

Remaining form

burning sculpture to concede to the elements

330 x 330 x 37 cm

action University of Bonn

Wolfgang Mally 1975

Loading of the 365 object containers for “Paper in the Water”

Wevelinghoven 1977

Paper in the Water

Erft 1977

Process beginning for the Art association Bonn exhibition 1980

Paper in the water 1-56 days

Es Corb Mari Mediterranean Sea

Handmade paper on canvas
70×80 cm

Wolfgang Mally 1977


Video-Studio Museum Folkwang Essen 1977

Scaffold, glas plate, 2 video cameras, scissors

2 Videotapes, each 37 min

Clip 0′45"

Wolfgang Mally © 1977

digital rescue copy of master tapes 1997


365 days a Self portrait

Ilford Photo prints on white coated chipboard

197.3 x 169.5 cm

Wolfgang Mally 1976-77-78

Iron sheet in the Mediterranean Sea

0-80  days

Iron 80 x 80 cm

Can Parra

Wolfgang Mally 1978

Communal inebriation

Blueprint and photography on canvas and multiplex board

101,5 x 79 cm

Wolfgang Mally 1977

Video-studio Museum Folkwang

Construction for: Electronic wind

Video technology, plants, lodestone, 1 inch magnetic tape.
Prehistorical forests emitting sparks.

Video-studio Museum Folkwang Essen

Wolfgang Mally 1975