Barnard 211 Video

Video 15′ 47”

Clip  01′ 13”

DNA transcription of short trip voyagers and other molecule clouds
Institute for Vegetative Physiology University of Münster and Gallery Ursula Walbröl Düsseldorf

DNA sculptures, agarose, DNA-marker, electrophoresis

Wolfgang Mally 2012

Barnard 211-Transit

DNA gel electrophoresis for Barnard 211 Ey 5 at the Institute for Vegetative Physiologie, Unversity of Münster
Skulptures, agarose gel, DNA marker, buffer solution, titan wires, electric current
Wolfgang Mally 2012

Barnard211EY5 (Installation-Clip)

Barnard 211 Ey5

Attracting molecules,

DNA of short trip voyagers,

agarose gels, electrophoresis.

Diasecs (From the laboratory for unavoidable interactions) 2002 – 2011
Installation 775 x 565 cm x ∞

Gallery Ursula Walbröl

Wolfgang Mally 2012

Barnard211EY5 (Installation-Clip)